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Maximum Trouble
L.M. Pampuro, author
Her relationship with Zack Brady is in undefined territory. The trial of Gert Fountain fades in her rearview mirror. Needing a break, Maxi Malone tags along with her parents for a well-deserved break on the island of Aruba. An unmarked war ship sits just off the coast of this tropical paradise. Both tourists and natives are plunged into the deep web of a psychopath’s revenge. With hostile encounters taking place in U.S. waters, Zack Brady is recruited back into the United States military. As the situation in Aruba becomes more personal, he is dispatched to the island with the sole purpose of saving Maxi and her family. The only question now is can he get there in time?

4.0 out of 5 starsAnother good book by L M Pampuro

January 7, 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Another entertaining read by L M Pampuro!
Lovers of Aruba will enjoy this riveting action packed book.


4.0 out of 5 starsAction, Adventure, Suspense, & a Sprinkle of Romance!

April 2, 2019

Format: Paperback

This book was filled with action, adventure, suspense, and a sprinkle of romance!

I did find myself thoroughly invested in the storyline and totally caught up with the character’s outcomes.

I liked the main characters, Maxi and Zach. I definitely found myself more partial to Zach as he was the strong, sexy, alpha protector. Maxi played more of the needy, immature, indecisive, annoying girlfriend role at the beginning, but thankfully she did grow in the book and become more of a strong, fierce lady towards the end. She still has a way to go, but she is on the right track.

Also, apparently Maxi and Zach had previous baggage from book one that carried over into this book. I had not read the first book, so I felt really out of the loop of why there was so much drama right off the bat.

I loved that this book took place in Aruba! The only experience I have with Aruba is the books, movies, and articles from when Natalee Holloway was murdered there. That all went down my year of high school graduation also, so I remember keeping up on the case over the years. Regardless, that this book is fiction, it was still nice to have a different take on Aruba since I haven’t thought of Aruba without thinking of Natalee. This book shined a new light on this island, and I enjoyed the beautiful vivid descriptions of the terrain. At times it felt like I was transported there and could even feel the sand between my toes!

This book has a great storyline that flows, terrific writing style with detailed scenes, well-developed characters, is fast paced, and keeps you completely entertained through the last page.

The author’s writing is strong and eloquently detailed. She really provided so much detail in her writing that is was easy to picture! There were a few times I found myself totally captivated in the story!

There are some predictable scenes. However, there are still a few unexpected twists and turns that you won’t see coming!

This book is the continuation of Maximum Mayhem. However, it can be read as a standalone. However, I will point out that there are many references to the previous book and several of the characters seem to overlap. I had not read the first book before reading this book, however, as much as I’ve enjoyed reading this book, I definitely wish I had. So, I would definitely encourage readers to check out both books and start with Maximum Mayhem first.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book and would absolutely recommend it! I think all suspense readers will like this book too! So, add it to your TBR List and get to reading - you won't be disappointed!

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book and have voluntarily provided an honest, and unbiased review in accordance with FTC regulations.**


4.0 out of 5 starsGood Reading

March 26, 2019

Format: Paperback

Fast paced and different, Maximum Trouble was certainly a page-turner.

I have to admit, the blurb sounded a little more romantic suspense than suspense, but this really doesn’t include much romance. Our two “lovers”, Maxi and Zack, are apart for much of the book, so just a heads up–this is a better book for suspense lovers than romance ones.

I really liked Zack. I also really liked Pete (does he get his own story?). I enjoyed their portion of the story much more than the parts with Maxi and her friends and family. It felt more natural and the characters were more true to form. I assume there is a book prior to this one, since Maxi and Zack have a history that’s discussed now and then. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything, exactly, just a little like the story would have been richer and stronger had I read it. Don’t get me wrong, Maximum Trouble stands alone fine.

Maxi got on my nerves now and then. She has a son, one who’s a bit older (my impressions of his age based on behavior was in the high single digits (6 – 8 years). So I expected Maxi to act like a grown up more than she did. She responded oddly to things (like saying “puke” when something was not to her liking, or talking about her manicure) and I didn’t like her much at the start. She felt like a spoiled Kardashian-like girl and so it took me a while to warm up to her. I did, eventually. When the pressure was really on, she came through.

The story was interesting, and I “saw” more of Aruba than I would have imagined possible. I can’t picture a cruise ship being sunk, though, without the full force of the US and Britain coming to bear… not just the small force that went in. The bad guys were really, really bad and the good guys were awesome. There were a few people I couldn’t decide what side they were on, and that made the story even more exciting. Some of the bad guys were TSTL, like Zack’s old boss and assistant. In a movie, I swear they’d have been the comedy relief. I just couldn’t take them seriously.

Those two aside, the plot was tense and exciting. People died I didn’t expect and things happened that I wasn’t ready for. While perhaps not pulse pounding, the story and writing was strong enough to keep me turning pages. There were a few editing errors, mainly wrong words (like “your” instead of “you’re”, for example) but not so many I was thrown out of the story and probably not significant enough that the reader who isn’t a grammar nerd would even notice.

All-in-all, Maximum Trouble was a solid suspense novel. More military thriller (ala Jack Ryan) than suspense, and I enjoyed getting to read it. And I’m still hoping for a book featuring Pete more. He’s a good dude and deserves one.

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Our Town Book Reviews

4.0 out of 5 starsever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

March 30, 2019

Format: Paperback

I thought most of this was a page turner. If there was any romance, I must have missed it, but you won’t get any argument from me on that point. Romance is a genre you could leave out for me, or at least use only for a little color. However, there was a lot of suspense, much more my genre. The subject of this story is one that keeps many people from vacationing abroad. Many people shy away from a visit to certain areas or small countries due to the unpredictability of their regimes. This however is a more common story…a beautiful oil rich country with many poor people and others who are greedy. It’s a story that could happen to many. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The story seemed to get bogged down in a few places. I think part of this was difficult because of trying to write a story involving having teams on the ground as well as people to look for. You know how in a tv show battle there are sometimes so many characters and it switches back and forth between them so that occasionally you just aren’t sure who is who? That’s how this struck me every now and then.

However, I never forgot Maxi nor Zack her handsome strong guy coming to save her. I remember her young son; Ric and I remember her brother Pete. Other than that, I can’t remember the names of her mom nor her dad, nor the family of a commander. What I do remember are the names of some of the bad guys.

Does this say something about this book? I don’t think it says anything bad enough not to read it because I didn’t put it down. Sat and read it all the way through, except for maybe a coffee or two. Definitely worth the time.

The Avid Reader

5.0 out of 5 starsAction and excitement kept pouring in page after page... ..

March 12, 2019

Format: Paperback

Maxi Malone is on vacation with her mother, father and son on the island of Aruba. Maxi is not sure where her and Zach relationship is headed and needs a break from him to figure things out on her own.

Maxi is spending time on the beach with her mother, father and son when they see an unidentified war ship just off the coast. They began to hear rumors about who the ship belongs to and why it is there.

They were told that the United States government was sending a ship to evacuate Americans. Maxi didn’t feel right about the ship and didn’t want to board it so she contacted her brother Pete to ask him what was going and to let him know about the ship. They figured if anyone would know anything about the ship Pete would.

Maxi and her family are waiting in line to board the ship when Maxi receives a call from Pete telling her not to board the ship but instead head inland and wait for further instructions. Someone would meet them there and escort them off the island. Maxi and her family have to fight their way across the island to await rescue and are separated.

When I read the summary and finding out that the story was to take place on the island of Aruba and it involved the military and an unidentified war ship and a family I just had to know how it would all tie together and how the family would be saved and what ordeals they would have to experience before they were rescued.

Maximum Trouble started off with a bang and the action and excitement kept pouring in page after page. The suspense had me on the edge of my seat just waiting for more. There was non-stop action from beginning to end. I could just see the whole thing playing out in my head like a movie. I can’t wait to read more about Maxi and her adventures.

I have not had the opportunity to read Maximum Mayhem but I don’t feel as if I missed anything of utmost importance although I do wish I had read it then I would have known more about Maxi and Zack’s relationship and who they are. With saying this I do feel as if Maximum Trouble can be read as a stand-alone.

I would recommend Maximum Trouble to all fans of suspense with a whole lot of action.