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Me: A Salsa Dancer

The story is about Roscoe born into a family-Grandparents and parents-who loves to dance salsa. Roscoe would love to follow the fun, family tradition. However, dancing makes him nervous. Roscoe's family has plans to dance during their vacation. They offer him advice on dancing. He remains inhibited. One day his friend Sara sees him doing something that looks like dancing. She shares the good news that he can learn how to dance at the library. The library is having a special event with a reputable dancing guaranteeing people can learn how to dance salsa. Roscoe, his mom, Sara, and her mom takes the trip to the library. When they arrive at the library, the librarian informs them that the special guest dancer canceled. People were disgruntled and shared it until the librarian decided to teach the class. With a little effort, Roscoe's able to enjoy the family's fun tradition.