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Georgie Hockett
Service Provider
Meant for More: Following Your Heart and Finding Your Purpose
Karen Olson, author
What happens when we act on our innate kindness? It all started with a chance encounter outside of Grand Central Station in November 1982. Karen Olson, a successful marketing executive, was on her way to a business meeting when she saw an elderly homeless woman. Impulsively, Karen darted across the street and bought the woman a sandwich and an orange juice. She listened to the woman’s story and learned her name: Millie. This small act of kindness changed the trajectory of Karen’s life. Karen dedicated her life to those in need and founded Family Promise, a national nonprofit organization that helps homeless and low-income families. In Meant for More, Karen tells her story, from tragedy in childhood to an adulthood full of compassion and service, which has made her stronger, healthier, and more fulfilled than ever before. With firsthand testimonials from Karen and other volunteers, Meant for More is a call to action: when you reach out beyond yourself and seek to make a difference in the lives of others, happiness will catch up with you.