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Quang Trí
Meditations: Aspirations and Reflections for a Happier Life is a mini introduction to meditation book and provides over 60 gathas, poem-like mantras, to use and aid us in meditative reflection and contemplation. These sayings span multiple different categories including loving-kindness, compassion, impermanence, death, peace, mindfulness, and more. Meditations is meant for everyone from all walks of life and spirituality to help aid and guide their spiritual journey through discovering the true nature of reality and happiness in our chaotic world. Whether you use any of these gathas in sitting meditation, walking meditation, cleaning, cooking, or driving, use them to develop and enhance your concentration, openness, and understanding of the troubles in our lives. The book also covers some meditation basics and how to get started with a meditation practice and goes over four meditation methods (sitting, walking, mantra, and loving-kindness) for any level meditator.