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Lovelace Cook
Meet Me in Mumbai
It’s never too late for love…or a rite of passage. What can possibly go wrong when Jesse asks the universe to help her get out of the rut her life has become? The universe delivers a curveball when Jesse meets a quirky but charming Englishman who visits her sleepy southern town, and they fall in love. Trevor loves wild camping, while Jesse values her creature comforts. A year after they meet, Jesse accepts Trevor’s challenge to meet him in Mumbai. Knit yourself a seat belt for their misadventures as the senior couple sets out like twenty-year-olds on a gap year, and Trevor’s shoestring travel style forces Jesse to adapt to unexpected challenges—not the least of which is Trevor being technologically and directionally clueless. Set in India, Cornwall, and Southeast Asia over three years, the couple navigates cultural differences and faces trials that test their relationship. Jesse confronts her inner demons while Trevor battles his own emotional ghosts. In the poignant culmination of their adventures, Jesse makes a life-altering decision with bittersweet consequences. A testament to her profound transformation and self-discovery, Jesse’s adventures with Trevor transcend geographical boundaries, forever changing her worldview. Meet Me in Mumbai celebrates the power of love, the courage to embrace uncertainty, and the resilience of the human spirit.