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robert emery
With a twist of fate and a bit of kismet, nineteen-year-old Addison Stone stumbles upon solace when he discovers his extraordinary singing voice that brings him unexpected international fame and fortune that he is ill-prepared for. As he climbs the ladder to musical acclaim, his heart remains tethered to a past he can never escape having been raised by a mentally unstable mother that left him emotionally scarred. From mother to son, the legacy of Addison’s turbulent childhood persists. But amidst the blinding lights and thunderous applause, Addison falls in love with a young woman named Hanna and she with him. But soon there is a deafening silence as Addison loses Hanna’s love to his addiction to his new-found fame and fortune. He sets out to win her back. Journey through the intricate roots of Addison’s life as “MEGASTAR” takes you on a captivating odyssey.