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Mellow Your Money
Mick Heyman, author
Mellow Your Money teaches, through MIck Heyman's experiences and misadventures, how to manage your money in an uncertain world. Though we all have unique roads to travel in life, most of us struggle with emotional and psychological challenges when it comes to money and building wealth. Learning to overcome these obstacles and changing our money mindset is how we grow rich—both as investors and as human beings. After a lifelong career as a wealth manager, Mick Heyman has discovered achieving greater balance in your personal finances leads to greater balance in your life. In Mellow Your Money, Mick shares the secrets to becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise— without all the anxiety. You’ll learn: • How self-reflection and self-awareness are crucial to building financial success. • Why it’s more effective to grow your money with long-term investing and how doing less can mean earning more. • How to tell the difference between real and perceived risk, so you don’t go chasing waterfalls over a cliff. • How to profit in a counterintuitive market by shutting off the noise in the media. • Why money, like surfing, is about learning how to step into liquid while keeping your eyes on dry land. Mellow Your Money offers an indispensable and engaging paradigm shift for every investor at any stage of their financial life. This is a book about more than just balancing your books, it’s about balancing your perspective so your money can work for you and bring you peace of mind while reducing those daily worries and anxiety.