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Shannon Susko
As a business leader, you’ve read dozens of books by the top thought leaders, learning from their research, principles, and tools. Each book dives deep into a specific area of expertise—strategy, execution, cash, people, culture, and leadership. All share powerful concepts on what to do to grow your business. But how do you efficiently unite these tools into a regimen that works for not just one specific area of your business, but for your entire team, company, and life? Metronomics unites top business thought leadership with over twenty years of proven practical experience. The outcome is a prescriptive progressive growth system for every business. In this book, you’ll learn how to build a high-performing business team that achieves superior results with ease, speed, and confidence. You’ll learn the practical progression that ensures your team is fiercely connected to your strategic execution system. No matter what level you and your team are at right now, Metronomics will meet you where you are—and grow with you to the next level and beyond. The best-kept business secret for the past twenty years, Metronomics will allow your company to win your business Olympics every year, and as a leader, it will set you free.
Metronome United founder Susko (The Metronome Effect) expands on business strategies and systems she has touched on in previous books by extensively detailing the framework and concepts behind Metronomics, the “repeatable, sustainable growth system” developed during her time as CEO of her first company, Paradata. Susko’s aim: to provide CEOs and business leaders the tools to unify every “tried-and-true business framework” they might have encountered in other management and leadership books and then “create and sustain real forward momentum and growth.” Capitalizing on over twenty years of executive experience, and principles established by strategy experts and thought leaders, Susko delves into the system, arguing that it can create “a single active, collaborative, strategic brain” that unifies a company, its culture, and every team member.

Susko’s ambitious guide opens with an overview of the three key components of Metronomics: the establishment of a repeatable, structured process called a Compound Growth System, an “Open Playing Field” for staff and teams, and a CEO+Leadership team coach with mastery of the system. Susko then lays out in intricate detail the differences in hard-edge and soft-edge systems—and the urgency of maintaining balance between them for the benefit of a committed, cohesive, highly-performing team. The bulk of Metronomics takes readers through a case study, the quarterly progression of OpenDoor, a company whose team implements Susko’s framework and finds itself invigorated but still facing challenges.

The core chapters break down how OpenDoor progresses over three years using the Metronomics system. A coach who advocates for coaching, Susko explains what happened--and what should happen—at numerous team meetings, which can be repetitive but helps make the case of her system as a best-practice process rather than a quick fix. Detailed charts of meeting and agenda notes, combined with beautifully designed, well-placed diagrams, make the information easier to digest. Readers familiar with business management and leadership concepts will appreciate the clear-cut advice in this rigorous, practical guide.

Takeaway: CEOs and team leaders looking to grow their business will appreciate this straightforward management guide’s clear-cut, real-world knowledge.

Great for fans of: Jim Collins, Robert Anderson and William Adams’s Scaling Leadership.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: B