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Microchip + Tribulation

Adult; Poetry; (Market)

The most effective "Cloud Server" tested throughout time and bearing Spiritual Gifts is the cloud of God's Presence. It comes with spiritual gifts, is FREE and leads to life eternal.

Your sensations of comfort are not dependent upon programmed behavioral responses for mandatory compliance or making payments to any system.

The Comforter is the free gift you get when you accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your Lord and Savior.

This book touches on many subjects headlining the news today. Some of them are love, adultery, betrayal, purpose, politics, life and death, abortion, terrorism, transcendence, Futurism, transhumanism, human implanted microchips, Jesus Christ, the Honeybee Trap and forgiveness. But most importantly, this book is about betrayal, forgiveness, healing, redemption, and resurrection not only physically and spiritually, but also emotionally as witnessed by reaching greater maturity levels. It contains an entire section on poetry and can be used a tool to spread the good news of salvation.