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Ann Payton
Mile High Lab Rat
Ann Payton, author
Coordinating a college science lab seems a terrific job for this fledgling graduate. The instructors are fun and appreciative. Maci loves helping with field trips and magic shows, and the intrigues of science are endlessly fascinating. Except, why all the secrets? The dean orders Maci to say nothing about finding a bleeding man in the parking lot. Reporting missing lab equipment is also taboo. Her efforts to investigate apparent thefts are thwarted with ever more menace as she grapples to salvage the department, her job, her life.

English majors, humor junkies, and mystery lovers, rejoice! Even if you don’t know what a Geiger counter or a balance is (it’s an expensive scale), once Maci Lindentree—the “lab rat’ assistant in a college science department—takes you into her confidence, you’ll keep reading until you’re late for work.
FYI: no animal is hurt during the course of this book.
Payton’s novel is written beautifully. Any literary snob will be delighted with it. Maci’s take on mysterious events happening in her lab and in her life in Denver had me hooked. Plus, Maci is laugh out-loud funny. Kindle is introducing this mystery now for 99 cents.
If you love seeing justice served and liked Pippi Longstocking’s disdain for authority and the Home Alone kid v. some bad guys, wait till you see how an adult with a trained, scientific mind handles ruthless opponents when there’s no way out of the lab. I loved this book!

Judith Fowler, forensic psychology writer