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Milton's Magnificent Imagination: A Picture Book Biography Of Dr. Milton H. Erickson

Children/Young Adult; Literary Essays, Critiques & Biographies; (Market)

"THE BOY WILL BE DEAD BY MORNING." This declaration by doctors to his parents a century ago catapulted a determined Wisconsin farm boy with severe paralytic polio into a pioneer practitioner of mind-body medicine. Angrily refusing to capitulate, teenager Milton H. Erickson set off on his own path to recovery. One day, quite by accident, he discovered that wondrous healing power existed within his mind. To everyone's amazement, with brilliant creative thinking and spartan discipline Milton bit by bit regained his body's functionality. For six decades past that fateful night in 1917, he lived on, working tirelessly to help others find healing resources embedded within them. To this day, he is globally renowned. For its wisdom, inspiration, and hope, Dr. Erickson's life story is essential reading for every child.


Sidebars provide accompanying scientific detail for the parent, teacher, or older reader.