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William Davis
Mine: Untold Secrets
Laura Martial and her two daughters, Adrienne and June receive word that her estranged aunt Katie has died under suspicious circumstances, and Laura is her sole heir. Katie’s wrecked truck had been discovered by a young man from the Farmer’s Cooperative, but it takes a small group of searchers to find her body in the woods of her remote western farm. Unknown to Laura, Lloyd, a local hunter and poacher, aids in the search and is attacked by a strange primate species none of the other searchers see. Laura and her children travel from their home in Seattle to the edge of the Rocky Mountains to settle the estate. They slowly discover Katie’s many untold secrets. Journals written long ago, when she worked as a zoologist in Brazil, introduce Laura to a strange primate species. Meanwhile, June, the youngest daughter, makes an exciting discovery of her own and turns up with an unusual new friend. Katie hadn’t returned from the Amazon alone. The sheriff continues to investigate Katie’s death and looks for Lloyd, who has suspiciously disappeared. A persistent small-town reporter asks questions about Laura’s unexpected inheritance and family relationships. He makes some exciting discoveries, the most enticing of which is the untold secret of the Winston family’s wealth. Back in Seattle, Laura’s husband Richard is facing a financial crisis and sees the sale of the remote western farm as an easy solution. Now that she knows why her aunt was so reclusive and the family’s relationship was so distant, she refuses to sell. Furious, Richard sends two of his shady associates to change her mind. As various parties converge on the farm in pursuit of their personal interests, the creatures who call the farm home defend it. June goes missing in the chaos, and everyone and everything is looking for her. A body surfaces with horrific injuries prompting the police to investigate yet another suspicious death on the farm. The sheriff wonders if the reports of wild animal attacks near the remote farm over the years were true. Richard’s men arrive to secretly assess the farm and find more than they expect. As the strange primates fight to defend their territory, paths cross, alliances are formed, and the question of what’s yours and what’s MINE is answered.