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LMD Jones
Mini Monster Sudoku - How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles
lmdjones, author

Picture Book; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

The Mini Monsters LOVE sudoku puzzles! Join them as they help YOU solve a standard 9 x 9 grid puzzle! This book is a colorful interactive guide book for children ages 6 and up. At the end of the book, there are a collection of 50 9 x 9 grid sudoku puzzles with solutions. Grab your pencil and your brain!

"Would you like to learn how to play this very popular brain game? If so, this title contains very detailed and clear explanations for how to fill in a Sudoku grid. The little monsters add some color to the explanations. Following the detailed lesson, fifty puzzles follow. By the time that they are finished, it will be possible to be an accomplished solve. Sound good? Give this one a look." - Reviewer, NetGalley


"This is a great book for sudoku beginners! The beginning of the book has detailed instructions on how to complete a sudoku puzzle. Cute little monsters help you along to understand the puzzles, in a fun way. Lots of vibrant color and happy monsters! After you learn how to complete the puzzles, there are fifty sudokus to fill in. The back of the book has all the answers to the puzzles. This would make a great gift for anyone that is interested in number puzzles!" -  Reviewer, NetGalley

I enjoyed the author's systematic technique while trying to explain more to kids. While the game is not straightforward for children, practice can go a long way. I find this a more effective solution to enjoy leisure time for young children. Further, math enthusiasts and introverted kids can add Sudoku to their book shelves. In addition, any child yearning to improve on mathematics can start by enjoying playing around with numbers in games like Sudoku.

I liked how the author included hints. This way, kids know what number can or cannot be included in a box, row, or column. The writing was conspicuous enough to avoid straining. The pages were colorful, making the game undemanding and electrifying! 

****** (JL professional reviewer,