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Have you ever said to yourself (or out loud, maybe) that just once, you would like to put Satan the devil in his place? Well, hang onto your bucket hat (or whatever kind of hat you wear), because twelve-year-old Willie MacGregor is about to bedevil the devil. Willie and best friend, Johanna, set off for a grand Smoky Mountain adventure when Johanna goes missing. Willie's search for her leads him into the enchanted forest of the evil shape-shifting Prince Fallon, who, in all his disguises, repeatedly thwarts Willie's search for his friend. Fallon wants a new and loyal subject but Willie rejects all that the prince offers; Willie wants nothing but Johanna. In a temper, Fallon produces the girl and will gladly exchange her life--for Willie's soul. Is it possible that the Prince of Demons has underestimated Willie? Has the fearless young lad reserved one last surprise for Fallon?