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Miracle From Ukraine

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Irina Balabanova is a beautiful Ukrainian girl, twenty-seven years of age and heartbroken, abandoned by an American post-graduate teacher who had worked in her country as an intern. Fending off the unwanted advances of locals and co-workers, she reluctantly agrees to a chance meeting with John Masters, a middle-aged American businessman, stranded in pre-war eastern Ukraine following an ill-advised romantic venture. Despite their wide differences of culture, language, and generation, the two are brought together in a whirlwind of love and adventure. Their dreams of a life together are threatened by the acts of a fanatically jealous Ukrainian State Security officer, who will stop at nothing to stop Irina from leaving their native country to marry an American. When all hope seems totally lost to the point of both facing criminal persecution, John’s perseverance and some ever present divine intervention keep the unlikely and miraculous romance alive. Based on actual events, Miracle From Ukraine is a story of international intrigue, faith, and romance.