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Misbehavior is Growth: An Observant Parent's Guide to the Toddler Years
Everyone has heard about how children go through the “Terrible Twos.” What if you were to find out that this frustrating behavior has order in it? That the “misbehavior” comes and goes in a predictable way, and each cycle brings with it an amazing new transformation? In this groundbreaking book, Amber Domoradzki presents her research which found that toddlers go through 12 predictable cycles between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. During each cycle, they fall apart for a period of time, becoming whiny, possessive, jealous, angry, clumsy, or confused, but then have a dramatic burst of new ability. The goal of “Misbehavior is Growth” is to help you see these age-related behaviors not as times of disrespect or naughtiness but as developmentally critical times to respond to with love, connection, and guidance.