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FOOL PROOF YOUR LIFE As a professional magician, Taylor Hughes, has spent a lifetime learning how to fool you. In MISDIRECTION, Hughes shares how the same tools magicians use to entertain, have found their way off the theatrical stage and into our businesses, politics, and even churches. In some cases, the people utilizing these techniques of distraction are unaware of the harm they are causing. However, in more scenarios than we would like to admit, the motives are much more intentional and detrimental. When you learn to recognize misdirection, you’ll see what is really calling the shots in your life, your work, and your community. This “wonderfully insightful book” pulls back the curtain to help you avoid the pitfalls of misdirection in your life. Hughes gives you a backstage pass revealing the ways that misdirection occurs in our day-to-day activities, and at the end of each chapter, you will learn a simple magic trick to help you further understand and recognize the methods of misdirection, complete with links to video demonstrations.