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Kalan Lloyd
Mo(u)rning Joy
“If the raw reality of stillbirth, loss of pregnancy, or miscarriage has rendered you senseless, then you will want to spend some healing time with Mo(u)rning Joy. If you feel helpless in friending a grieving family, then you will be touched by the words of care and concern that you can't always think to say at the time. I highly recommend this unabashed account of Kalan Lloyd's journey toward wholeness... she truly tells it like it is.”\t\t- Susanna Fitzgerald, MSW "A cry-laugh, laugh-cry. What makes it so good is how she conveys the terrible sadness and madness of losing a child. Kalan's voice is very real, down to earth, interesting and funny." \t\t\t – Heath Mueller, M.D., Psychiatry “It really opened my eyes to some things - helped me see things from a new perspective - and - be more conscientious about what I might say to those who have experienced this painful journey. Kalan’s frank, honest expression of her personal experience will bring hope and encouragement to many.” \t– Lisa Nolan, Associate Pastor, Cornerstone Fellowship “Rarely as healthcare providers do we have the opportunity to hear the intimate thoughts and feelings of a patient who has been delivered the most heartbreaking news: the death of her unborn baby. From a mother’s intuition, to diagnosis, to delivery and postpartum, Kalan allows us into her heart with an unbridled account of her journey. Through tears and laughter, we witness a story of a mother’s love, her husband’s devotion, her daddy’s protection, her mama’s prayers, and most importantly, a Heavenly Father’s grace and healing. Although we will never fully understand why such tragedies happen, this memoir will help us all be better friends, family members, and caregivers to those that have experienced such loss. And for me, it starts with taking down those black roses.” \t\t\t – Shara Young, M.D., OBGYN