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Teresa Ward
Mob Island
“Some things are not what they look and feel like.” — “Louie the Tailor” Rosanova Lou was right. Who would have believed that Savannah, Georgia, specifically the Savannah Inn and Country Club, played a significant role in mobster relations? Leading figures in the Mob during the seventies came together for important meetings at the Inn. And there were good reasons why they chose Savannah for these meetings (and the ultimate burial site of Jimmy Hoffa). \tMore important, who would believe that the friendship between a brilliant young southern lawyer and a powerful member of the Chicago Outfit would evolve into one of the most effective defense teams combating social and legal injustices in South Georgia at the time? For the first time, Bubba Haupt explains how the Outfit and the Teamsters were instrumental in funding the successful defense of indigent clients facing the death penalty. Without the help of Rosanova, innocent individuals would have been electrocuted or spent their entire lives in prison. Rosanova is a complicated person and his residence in Savannah is a largely unknown but fascinating part of Mob history. \tAs Haupt says, “In every lawyer’s trial experience, some events loom so large that others are completely overshadowed. Some are humorous while others are extremely sad.” Haupt shares details of his cases, experiences, thoughts, and feelings surrounding events that changed his life and many of his clients’ lives forever. \tNo longer under Omertà (the vow of silence), Bubba Haupt’s riveting story will leave you breathless.