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Mom On The Road

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Shortly after she turned forty, Maggie Stevens took an unexpected journey that changed the course of her life. She didn't decide to visit all of the Earth's rain forests or spend months roaming through the African desert. It was not for scientific research nor was it for purposes of investigative journalism. Maggie’s journey took place in the most unlikely of places: on a bus with a bunch of actors. Think "Almost Famous," except instead of a teenage boy, it was a pre-pre-menopausal mom of three. Forced to face all of her fears on the road, Maggie must figure out how to get back the one thing she lost many years ago: herself. Inspired by the author’s own journey on the road while accompanying her son as his guardian on a Broadway tour and documented in the popular blog,
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“A fun and hilarious ride, from start to finish! I was riveted by this story.” (4/4 Stars)​

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“Mom On The Road is a funny and totally different type of on-the-road novel.” (5/5 Stars) 

Self Publishing Review

The most enjoyable aspect of this novel is Maggie. She’s neurotic, insecure, energetic, and entertaining. As she tells her story, she doesn’t hold back, including sharing her experience in a hotel bathroom with a vibrator. The reader is told everything that Maggie thinks and feels. Luckily Maggie is an original character. She’ll make you laugh, cry, wince, and shake your head. At times one may wonder if she has no shame, but that’s a good thing. Maggie does not self-censure and lets it all hang out.