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Tom Locke
Moments In Time
Tom Locke, author

Adult; Pop Culture & Sports; (Market)

Moments In Time is all about music. This book will put a smile on your face as the author, Tom Locke, takes you back in time to the music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s with entertaining, informative stories about known and forgotten artists and songs. To top it off, Tom has made this book interactive by creating access to the songs featured in each of these stories with the use of QR codes. One click and you’ll be listening, singing, and dancing. These stories will provide you with answers to questions about artists and their songs. How did Tommy James come up with the title for his hit record, “Mony Mony”? Who was the three-time Oscar winner to have a Top 10 record at the age of 67? What motivated songwriter Doc Pomus to pen “Save The Last Dance For Me”? When did the original version of “Blue Velvet” appear on the music charts? What singer was classified as a two-time “one-hit wonder”? The perfect escape back to yesteryear, these stories will provide insight for both young and old, and perhaps jog your memory about the fun times you experienced because of this era of music, which continues to be embraced today. “I have met many people in the field of Rock & Roll these past 60 years, but no one has impressed me more when it comes to reflecting on the history of this music genre. Tom Locke is a true Rock & Roll historian who really knows the detailed history of the evolution of this great music. He has written a book that is worth its weight in Solid Gold." – Mr. Music, Norm N. Nite, legendary Deejay & Author