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Kathy Banks
Momma, Do You Remember When You Asked Jesus Into Your Heart?
Kathy Banks, author

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Children & parents may dread bedtime, but Brian can show you that bedtime can be the best time for a great conversation. Brian was always asking questions right at bedtime. One day he had a question that was the best question. It just had to be answered right then. So Mom sat with him and told him how she came to believe in Jesus as her Savior. Let's find out how the story goes.
D. Cunningham, mother of 8, grandmother of 2

... made me CRY...yes, that's a good thing...sweet memories. 

I love this story!  I'm praying for the Lord to open the doors wide on this and other stories in the future. 

 --Cunningham, mother of 8


I think it's a beautiful story. An encouragement, not only to parents, but also to me as a sister and daughter not to let time, business or tiredness keep me from seeking to have meaningful, quality, talks and moments with my family, like are had in this story at bedtime, while I still can. 


Good going!  Any Christian literature is a good thing and will do a good work somewhere, sometime.

God bless you.