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Victor Hess
Montana's Mission: Protecting the Forest
Victor Hess, author
As far as thirteen-year-old Montana MacCarthy is concerned every animal in the Glen Helen Forest is under her protection. That goes double for the pair of American Bald eagles nesting in the oak on Talus Trail. When the Glen director asks her and the Wesley Club to create a kid-friendly pamphlet about the animals as a summer project, they jump at the chance. Montana guides them through the forest as they sketch and photograph bobcats, foxes, skunks, bats, and, yes, the eagles. Their project uncovers a ring of poachers who are desperate to get the Glen’s only two American Bald Eagles and a family of beavers. Will Montana and her friends be able to stop the poachers? Can an illegal auction of protected animals be stopped in time for the law to intervene? Watch the Wesley Club in action using their special skills in their second episode of the Wesley Club Adventures and their most dangerous encounter yet.