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Samantha Heuwagen
Several years after the Temorshian-Earth War, the Galaxy is at peace. La’Mursians, Temorshians, and Humans have started working together alongside the Galactic Court to bring stability and prosperity to citizens of their three worlds. Although harmony begins to blossom, a rebellious faction emerges and tests the newly formed bonds between the three planets. As discontent grows, Layla Aves and Glaklin Lerd are asked to step in and help facilitate a truce. Layla Aves has finally achieved her dreams, and as she eagerly awaits her assignment for her next mission, she pushes away her growing terror that someone will find out she’s not fit for her new role. As she tries to navigate her inner turmoil, she quickly realizes that her dearest friend, Glaklin Lerd, might be able to help her in more ways than one. Glaklin Lerd has always held a special place in his heart for Layla Aves. He would never let it get in the way of their close friendship, but part of him wonders what could be if he was brave enough to voice his true feelings. As alliances are tested, can love conquer all or will it unravel everything they’ve all worked so hard for?