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Denise Jaden
Morbid Monday
Denise Jaden, author
Tabby has inadvertently invited her estranged father, the State Senator Conrad Chase, for a visit to Crystal Cove to help her plan Detective Aaron Thom’s mayoral campaign. Unfortunately, the visit comes on the heels of another tragedy in Crystal Cove, one that Tabby can’t help but investigate. Her parents were never going to be in favor of her involving herself in dangerous investigations, but even more so now that they are seeing it with their own eyes. But this tragedy concerns a friend of Tabby’s, and more importantly, she has a distraught teenager counting on her for answers. However, as more and more information is uncovered, Tabby wonders if she’s only going to give the girl more questions than closure. Especially if all evidence is leading to another murder in Crystal Cove. Join Tabby, Jay, and Sherlock as they team up once again in this standalone mystery in order to get to the truth.