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alex abella
More Than A Woman
alex abella, author
Can you ever relive the past? Can a woman go back in time and rekindle a passion that was once cruelly extinguished? Can a man, no matter how wealthy and powerful, recreate the world he knew when he was young? Miranda Ferri is the inheritor of a famous name in California’s Santa Margarita valley—but that name is all she has left, for the family fortune from vineyards and wine has evaporated. She has accepted an ordinary life, far from the grandeur and luxe that was once her birthright. Then her first lover, Roger, a farm worker’s son, returns after twenty years, wealthy beyond belief, determined to win her back and replace all that she lost and more. Will Roger succeed in restoring the love and the life that once was? Or will shadows out of his mysterious past and fortune poison the paradise he seeks to rebuild? Can love survive time and tragedy and overcome the yawning gaps of race, class, and wealth? Two lost souls will soon learn the price of eternal love…