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Morning Snow
An eccentric young man comes of age in Michigan during the time of the Vietnam War. Thomas Tarakhanov Teniers, known as Taty, the grandson of a Russian immigrant and an American Episcopal minister, faces, on his own soil, a war fought in a distant land. Just like those growing up in other generations, it was a time for him to come to grips with the self, with others, with institutions, with political and religious dogmas. But it was also a time for Taty to try to be rebelliously different in a time of rebellion, to change in his own way in a time of change, to find a way to fight for human rights in a time of civil rights protests, to love in a time of free love, to face military service after being drafted in a time of an unethical war. A time to dance in a world of beauty yet to see childhood dreams transformed into nightmares. A time for many to die young. Morning Snow is not only an allegory of US involvement in the Vietnam War, but a heartrending human story that will open a lens to an individual and his era – and leave you stunned. “A must read!”