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Morning Star: A Play
He was the Morning Star, Jehovah’s beloved Angel--but then, some unavoidable circumstances changed everything. Morning Star is a theatrical adaptation of the Biblical story of Satan and his interaction with Almighty. It covers every miniscule detail relating to Lucifer’s origins, his relationship with Jehovah,his betrayal and his vow to destroy humanity as a revenge against Jehovah. While we interpret the story of Lucifer as a classic tale of loyalty and treachery, we fail to realize that it is much more than that; It is a legend that exhibits the universality of love. The truly tragic part is how Lucifer fails to see that he has always been loved by Jehovah, and he will be. Morning Star shows a romantic side to the typical story, and this is what makes it unique. The question of redemption is another key theme of the play. Is redemption available to all? Can Lucifer ever be redeemed from evil and sin? If he can, then most certainly all of us can--we’re the dearest creation of God for starters. In this genius stage creation geared towards children and adults of all ages, the audience will see Lucifer’s inception, the history of his relationship with Jehovah, and his interaction with other angels, Adam and Eve, and Jesus from a completely distinctive perspective