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MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN (Islam is Toxic for Females)
MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN Islam is Toxic for Females This (202 page) book is packed full of scathingly fundamental facts and truths that Moslems do NOT want Americans to know about. It starkly identifies why so many Moslem men actually hate women. In the forward of the book, Horn points out that: “There Are Deadly Consequences for precious, innocent, unwary western women: who risk becoming captives under terrible conditions. Accused of being a Moslem hater, Horn points out that he actually loves Moslems and provides qualifications for such love. The book is an essential read for women and girls of all ages, to provide an unparalleled level of facts and truths essential to understanding the coming evil that will stalk the land, and some of which is already in our communities. All women (or men – men need to know, too) who reads this will be richly rewarded by overcoming ignorance. Horn teaches that EVERY African slave ever captured, enslaved, and shipped to the Americas in chains was first made a slave my Moslems, and that Moslems are still engaged in slaving to the tune of over 500,000 cases per year. Horn has helped to rescue women from entrapments in marriages with Moslems that were incredibly abusive. A comprehensive list of Topics discussed in MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN include HONOR KILLINGS, Female Genital Mutilation, child marriages of little girls as young as three, Dhimmitude, why Women are always considered to be guilty and need to be punished, even whipped and beaten or crippled, why Mohammed (Mohammed’s hatred of women) declared that 80% of women will automatically go to Hell, the return of slavery to the United States, over forty Arabic terms identifying slaves, and their cash values, hate verses quoted from the Koran, etc.