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Alexis Eyondi
Mr. K's Decision
“But should someone call me now to announce her death, I wouldn’t even blink, let alone attend her funeral.” If a mother’s love knows no bounds, how has Mr. K come to forsake the woman who gave him life? Maybe a secret locked behind tight lips finally escaped. Stunned by his decision, the evening guests of Tiffany Estate turned into eager listeners of a story that should have been straightforward. Yet, as his narration of damaged family ties reveals a seemingly never-ending path of shame, opposition among the crowd lends favor for and against Mr. K. But can the guests maintain their black and white stances as the tale becomes more intricate? And does the saying, ‘A mother’s love is infinite’, truly apply to all mothers?
Charlotte Zang

Mr. K's Decision is profoundly moving, with words flowing out like poetry describing pain, hurt, affection, love, and indifference. Yet, it may be difficult to stomach for readers who have suffered the neglect, resentment, or disregard of a parent themselves. 

It is an astounding story of how quickly we judge. How we often follow the rules and regulations dictated by the past. Respecting your elders or loving a parent regardless of what they have done to you are not strict rules to obey. Sometimes the family you are born into is not the healthiest for you. Alexis Eyondi imbues his work and words with this mantra, teaching us not to judge but also to forgive and find peace if we can. 

Immediately, I got the impression of a Wes Anderson film. A peculiar set of circumstances, illustrated and highlighted with rich color and subtle movement of either character or camera to create an illustrious tale of wit, whimsy, and intrigue. 

There is also something akin to ClueKnives Out, or even The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. A group of people settling into a singular setting to discuss the past, unraveling truths, and theorizing on outcomes.

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