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Denise Jaden
Murder in New Orleans
Denise Jaden, author
A food tour in New Orleans where murder is on the menu… When Mallory Beck wins a food tour experience in New Orleans, she invites teenage Amber, her foodie BFF, to join her on a road trip of French and creole cuisine. Mallory’s cat-sitter cancels at the last minute, and presumptuous, cheeky Hunch helps himself to shotgun in Mallory’s Prius. A good thing, too, because when a know-it-all food tour participant turns up dead and wrapped in Mardi Gras beads, they’ll need Hunch’s keen nose to sniff out any foul play. Surrounded by tight-lipped locals and voodoo theories, Mallory and her team of sleuths have their work cut out for them to clear Amber’s name from suspicion and get to the bottom of what happened to the Po’ Boy who didn’t make it through to the last stop on the food tour. You'll love the strong friendships and the cranky crime-solving cat who thinks he's a dog in this new whodunit. Order Murder in New Orleans now!
Jaden’s entertaining eighth cozy featuring Mallory Beck (after 2021’s Murder in the Secret Cold Case) takes Mallory from her home in Honeysuckle Grove to nearby New Orleans for a food tour after she won a food magazine’s recipe competition. She’s joined by her spunky 16-year-old niece and BFF, Amber, and her cat, Hunch, who she suspects has “a bigger brain” than she does, after plans for a cat-sitter fall through. The difficult logistics of keeping Hunch hale and hearty get even more tricky when Amber’s misinterpretation of their hotel’s pet policy leads to some humorous complications. That all recedes in significance when one of the food tourists is found dead in an alley, apparently strangled by Amber’s Mardi Gras bead necklace. Beck and Hunch sift through a variety of suspects in an effort to exonerate Amber and catch the real killer. The fast pace and the light tone are perfectly matched, and an enticing New Orleans recipe rounds out the volume. Fans of mysteries featuring crime-solving animal sidekicks will have fun. (Self-published)