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Denise Jaden
Murder in the Secret Cold Case
Denise Jaden, author
A cop with a secret, a teenager with attitude, and a cat with a hunch... Spring has arrived in Honeysuckle Grove, and now that crime has finally settled down, Mallory is excited to put her extra time into her new catering business. Despite the lack of crime, though, Alex has been noticeably MIA in Mallory’s life, working in the background on a secretive high-profile case. Lately, it’s taking up every bit of his time, and it’s hard for Mallory not to feel both jilted and curious. Not meaning to—or at the very least, not completely—Mallory gets a glimpse of detailed clues on Alex’s case. The information leaves her breathless, as it quickly becomes clear why Alex has kept this case a secret. Mallory knows she shouldn’t meddle, but at the same time, she can’t stay out of this particular investigation, most importantly because she may have key information that will help solve it.