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Svetoslav Ivanov
My Blackness
'Blackness is what he sees when he closes his eyes. He hates it because memories haunt his mind. The old man wants to reconcile with his past and leave this world without a burden as he tells his life story.' Some children suffer because their parents fail at raising them properly. Others sense considerable pain because they do not have parents by their side. Nowadays when the world gets filled with uncertainty and chaos. A young boy is preparing to live his life as an independent man. The first thing he has to do is establish himself in his career and then prove worthy for a happy outcome. Some people before him failed, and others succeeded. The result of this boy's life is in his own hands. He must lower the distractions to a minimum. Witness this boy's transition. And participate in the events, which happen near him, whether as a spectator or a participant. Many situations are worth telling. Addiction is what drives people away from carefree life. Although addicts think their obsession keeps them alive. There is an elder who gave his agreement to tell you his rich history seen through his eyes. Sit down, listen, and feel the story. My Blackness is a coming-of-age story of an orphan left by his parents during the second world war. He indulges in his growing passion for literature, which helps him express his inner feels as he gets often bullied and treated like an inferior to other children. This historical drama delves into many events that happened in human history.