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Misty Urban
My Day as Regan Forrester
Misty Urban, author
On the eve of her 42d birthday, BETH BARONY makes a tiny, private birthday wish for excitement. Her life in the lovely town of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, offers everything else she could ask for, but her husband has been distant lately, she feels more like a chauffeur than a mom to her two kids, and her summer honors class hasn’t been a success. Then she wakes up in the body of sexy young starlet REGAN FORRESTER and finds that Regan has taken up residence in Beth’s body, Beth’s bedroom, Beth’s life. When Regan promises the "spell" she did will wear off, Beth determines to make the most of being a famous actor for a day. But Beth's about to discover that Regan had good reasons to want to escape her life, and if Beth doesn't find a way to fix things and swap them back, neither woman might have a body, or a life, to go back to.