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My Father's Kidnapping and Retrieval in Pakistan : A father's nightmare and a son's desperate struggle to save him
What would you do if your parent was snatched from his home by brutal thieves? It’s a question most people thankfully never have to answer. But when, Syed Saqib, a Pakistani born American, arrives in Pakistan for what is supposed to be a celebratory family reunion, he quickly has to ask himself this very question in this real-life crime thriller. After learning of his father’s strange disappearance minutes after his touchdown in Pakistan, Syed must cast aside his visions of family dinners and vacation relaxation and instead take the lead of an investigation that will bring him head-to-head with hardened criminals and see him battle against the shortcomings of the Pakistani justice system. This is the true tale of a heinous plot to kidnap, rob, and murder an elderly man for pure greed. It’s an account of a family’s struggle to stay strong in adversity. It’s the story of a son’s endless determination to bring his father’s attackers to justice and repair the damage done. In this personal tale, penned by Syed himself, you will find a plot stranger than fiction. The villains hide in plain sight. The heroes do not have superpowers, save for the strength of familial love that presses Syed and his siblings to keep fighting against the odds. The authorities are bound by their lack of resources … and some might be pulling for the wrong team. Follow Syed as he tries to figure out who is friend and who is foe. In his journey, you will find stakeouts and home invasions and all the elements of a heart-pounding crime film. You will find a shrewd, first-hand look into the Pakistani culture and the shortcomings of the justice system that is seldom displayed on-screen. Most importantly, you will find a strong drama embedded between the lines as the father-son relationship that is the backbone of this story unfolds. An on-the-edge-of-your-seat read that will keep you guessing, this book will delight any crime story lover. But remember, this tale is true, and true stories don’t always have fairytale endings. If you can face the truth, open this memoir and begin the journey.