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My Girly Unicorn
J. Pedicini, author

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

In a magical world, far away in the clouds, where the air is sweetened by cotton candy, sugar cubes, and gum drops, unicorns frolic inside a rainbow. One unicorn with a purple horn and a big, rainbow-colored mane is different from the others. Her fellow unicorns tease her, calling her THAT GIRLY UNICORN and won’t let her play their games. She dances alone in the sunlight, practicing her dance steps over and over. One day, the unicorns slide down the rainbow to explore the outside world. THAT GIRLY UNICORN follows, even though the others continue to tease and laugh at her. As the unicorns play, dark rain clouds gather, blocking the path back to the rainbow. Thunder roars and lightning bolts shoot through the sky. Floodwaters trap the unicorns, and they cry out for help. THAT GIRLY UNICORN comes to the rescue. She performs her dance, battling the rain clouds with her moves. The dance attracts rays of sunlight and, with every step of the dance, the sunlight grows more powerful. The rain clouds shrink and disappear. The rainbow path shines brightly. Thanking her, the other unicorns shout, “MY GIRLY UNICORN! I LOVE YOU!”