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Paperback Details
  • 09/2023
  • 9781577335092
  • 538 pages
  • $49.00
Ebook Details
  • 08/2023
  • 9781577335085
  • 538 pages
  • $9.99
Nancy Clemens
My Holoholo Diary

Nancy has loved coming to the Big Island on vacation with her family for many years. This time, lured by Kupuna Pele, she came alone, embarking on a mid-life journey of what she called “a sabbatical between being a mother and a grandmother.”

 “Holoholo” means “to move around with no particular plan or destination.” My Holoholo Diary records Nancy’s year of adventures and challenges while living in the Hawai’ian culture. Her colorful vignettes bring the people to “life” -- with their pidgin English, native wisdom, humor, and warm Aloha.

This Diary especially is intended as a tribute to her two spiritual guides -- Auntie Fern, and her daughter Auntie Aka, and their Ohana. They repeatedly encouraged Nancy to write down and share these ancient Hawaiian teachings, wisdom, history, and customs.

Blue Dolphin Publishing

Praise for My HoloHolo Diary

“Aloha, Nancy! 

“I’m grateful and honored to receive your writings of experiences you’ve had with my mother, my sister, my ohana, my home. How wonderful it is to also read about our culture, traditions, beliefs, and our home Hawai’i. Your “journal” becomes a valuable addition to “my story” which will be passed on to the generations that follow… Mahalo Ke Akua.

“Mahalo nui loa! Malama pono a hui hou.”

Wanda Puaainahau Kamau’u Iokia, eldest child of Auntie Fern Pule, and Aka’s sister

“I remember when my mom first introduced me to you, asking me if I wanted to go with her to Captain Cook, where you were sharing a booth with my sister, Haleaka. You were like ohana to me, and that was 2009. Your talents and gifts were familiar to me, so I could trust you wholeheartedly, and still (2023) love you, Nancy.”

Kalehua (Fern) Cardenas, second daughter of Auntie Fern, and Aka’s sister

“I love your book. It brings back a lot of fond memories and I’m holding it forever it my heart.”

– Sarah Kela Pule, daughter of Auntie Fern and Aka’s sister

 “I absolutely love your book, Auntie. It brought happy tears to my eyes.  It helps bring back what had been gone for so long.”

Suzy Kalehuamakanoe Reed, daughter of Aka and granddaughter of Auntie Fern

“Nancy Clemens’s latest book, My Holoholo Diary, will take you with her on a Spiritual Journey to the Big Island of Hawai’i. You will experience sacred places & humble people she meets along the way. Nancy beautifully recounts their wisdom & culture, honoring all Life & Spirit Realms. With each chapter her Storytelling awakens many deeply felt emotions with heartfelt compassion, inspiring one’s own life.” 

– Roberta Bloom, massage therapist

“My Holoholo Diary is like a true Hawaiian 'aha'aina or lu'au! Nancy has cooked up a richly flavored, deeply nourishing feast of experiences. She uses some mysterious, mystical ingredients and many unexpected blends of sweet, sour, and spicy.  Prepared with great love and respect for traditional Hawaiian culture, this book shares the true story of her teachers and their wisdom.”

– Joan Schleicher, Anodos Foundation

“These reflections, memories and stories are woven with a perspective that allows us all an intimate opportunity to perceive the union of realities in the human experience, Hawaiian legacy, and the craft of the written word. I would read this book for your own good!”

– Stan Padilla, artist, indigenous educator and cultural activist


混迷の時代、今こそ アカ (ハワイ島 第44代カフナ・ヌイ ハリアカ イオラニ プレ)の叡智が必要です。是非彼女の愛そして叡智を受け取ってください。

“No one cried while being hugged by AKA.  She is love.  In times of turmoil, we need the wisdom of AKA (Haleaka Iolani Pule, the 44th Kahuna Nui on the island of Hawai’i).  Please receive her love and wisdom. – ALOHA”

Toshi Koamaikai Suzuki, Aka’s close friend and organizer for her teachings in Japan





“Aka told me that ‘You are the same type of healer as me.’

It was the first time for me to be accepted as I am.

My precious 'Ohana’ Aka❤️”

– (Tomoka) Jasmine

 ブレス店で突然全身に稲妻が⚡️“   『アカの写真』に感激、この人に絶対逢いたい、ついにハワイ島に❣️


“Suddenly, a lightning came through all my body when I saw Aka in a photo at a stone shop in Japan. I was deeply impressed by the photo and strongly hoped to meet her. My dream has come true on the island of Hawai'i. I never forget Aka's big hug & her harmony with nature.” 

(Toshiaki) Frank



“Aka gave me the word 'Unconditional Love❤️'repeatedly.

It is always in my heart with the beautiful pink topaz from Aka❤️”


“I can hear Aka's voice through your words. I feel Aka is sharing with us ‘from above’. Nancy, you are an amazing story teller and writer with deep insight, wisdom and passion.”

Rika Soeda Bilan, Lomilomi massage therapist and Japanese translator, Big Island of Hawai’i

"So many thanks for writing this book. When I read the text, I was completely back in Hawai'i and felt all that you wrote, which took me to the places we were with Aka and the time I spent with her. God bless you." 

Gerda Fochs, Medical Administration and European organizer for Aka, Switzerland

“Being with Aka was like a never-ending Aloha bath. Your book reveals Aka's legacy to all readers and all of us who had the grace to be with her. Your words bring me back to the times I was with Aka, listening to her prayers and singing and her wisdom that poured out of her deep state of being ONE with all.” 

Heidi Oberli, European organizer and translator for Aka’s workshops and private sessions for five years; Cranio-Samvahan systemic therapist

"When I visited Hawai'i for my 75th birthday, Nancy arranged for Aka to do a ceremony for me. The ceremony was extra-special, as Aka called in the whales who joined us just off-shore!  I so loved meeting Aka! "

Helen McDonald, revered elder and mentor  

 “What a wonderful work you have done. Each line brings back memories of being with Aka. Sentence by sentence I am on the spot with you, experiencing the stories directly!

– Christa Bauer, Hawai’i Spirit, Lomilomi trainer, and organizer of Aka’s workshops in Austria

 “Aloha. Nancy’s personal journey of self-discovery, as she manages her daily adventures on the Moku O Keawe, the Big Island of Hawai’i, is a beautiful, expansive tale that captures the every nuance and challenges of the good, the bad, and the ugly. A great personal memoir and quest for the ‘unholy grail’. With much love and laughter,”

E. Kapua Ching, “a fellow FACK KOW WEE

“Through Nancy’s magical, divine eyes, her experience and view are egoless, pure Aloha. Her stories will bring us right there, in the moment, to enchanting Hawai’i and its people.”

Koko Momo Kawauchi Johnson, artist, Hawai’ian activist, and chef, Molokai, Hawai’i

 “Aloha, Nancy Clemens is a beautiful person and author. She embraces the people and culture of Aloha. It is an honor to be at the same table with her.”

 – Juni Medeiros, Hawai’ian cowboy, musician, and artist, Big Island of Hawai’i

 “I loved listening to Paul read some of the stories out loud. Nancy’s path is amazing and full of Aloha every blessed step of the way.” 

Lenda Hand, Big Island of Hawai’i

 “This is one of the more beautifully written books we have ever published.  Nancy not only writes with heart, but exhibits here her great love for all people and cultures, and a sincere desire to share the insights she has gained from her mentors.  Enjoy her exhilarating and very personal trip to Hawai’i from your armchair (or your bed!). Her journey will uplift your life, too, for the better.”

            – Paul Clemens, publisher, Blue Dolphin Publishing, and author’s best friend and life-long partner

Paperback Details
  • 09/2023
  • 9781577335092
  • 538 pages
  • $49.00
Ebook Details
  • 08/2023
  • 9781577335085
  • 538 pages
  • $9.99