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Jeffry Dwight
My Manufactured Soul

A planet with a forbidden history;
A man without a name or memory;
The two collide in a titanic struggle.

Magic battles science in this gripping tale of an exoplanet colony’s struggle for survival.

On Sundering, the man called Grey must unravel the planet’s deepest secrets to find his own real name and the truth about himself. His search for his past threatens the balance of power, and awakens ancient forces. Grey’s unshakeable belief in science and rationality is challenged as he discovers that magic is also real—and that beings of folklore hold the entire planet in thrall.

The more Grey discovers, the more the lines blur—is he victim or hero? Will civilization survive the truths he uncovers?

Grey’s deeply introspective and philosophical quest slow-burns its way to a stunning conflagration of forces as lies, half-truths, plots, and deceptions are laid bare. This thriller will keep you turning pages and make you question your deepest beliefs.

Dwight (Mortal Dreads) delivers an ambitious fantasy—the first in his Sundering Saga series—set on the planet Sundering, formed eons ago by the First Colonists who have all but disappeared, and now is populated by three different species: white-haired muria who are rumored to be descendants of the planet’s first inhabitants, fey-like nina who were Sundering’s first dwellers, and humans. The species don’t intermingle, and ancient folklore incites superstition among the humans when blonde haired, blue-eyed Grey is discovered lying on the ground, with no memory of who he is, sickened from the harsh elements. When he embarks on an epic quest to discover his origins, it puts the entire planet at risk and threatens everyone Grey holds dear.

Dwight sets his sights high with this story, transporting readers on a whirlwind journey fraught with betrayal, love, and sorcery. Grey develops connections to multiple characters throughout his travels, often too many to track without effort. Nina, an ancient being who takes the form of a unicorn, accompanies Grey from the beginning–and their budding romance gives the novel solid footing in the midst of dizzying adventures. Grey and Nina run the gamut from chasing violent brothers fighting over the throne of Jappa to falling prey to creatures with bewitching powers, and through it all Grey’s destiny is mysteriously threaded to Qol, one of the original muria who seems to know more about Grey than he understands about himself.

Despite the extraordinary scope of the story, readers of searching, inventive fantasy will be entertained until the end. Dwight leaves several loose ends to set the stage for the next installment, but his main players reach a satisfying conclusion. My Manufactured Soul strikes a nice balance between supernatural beings toying with their creations and more relatable, down-to-Sundering characters who want nothing more than to create a safer world.

Takeaway: An elaborate fantasy that will transport readers to mystical lands with supernatural creatures, on a quest of self-discovery.

Great for fans of: Zogarth’s The Primal Hunter, A. F. Kay’s Legion’s Fifth Vault.

Production grades
Cover: B+
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: B+
Marketing copy: A-