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My Memory Told Me a Secret

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Nothing hurts quite as meticulously as loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Career-driven, sometimes cynical Austin meets Noah, a Muslim man from the other side of town. One man wants it work. The other doesn’t know what he wants, except to find the next high. Set in the months before and after a 30-something discovers his partner has infected him with HIV, this book explores the inexplicable feelings that accompany the disintegration of relationships and the connections between cultural memory and identity. My Memory Told Me a Secret is about the power of choice and the impact of culture, class, and socioeconomic status on two men whose lives intersect in devastating ways.
Manhattan Book Review

‘Following an emotional breakup with a younger, troubled man, an STI screening reveals Austin has contracted HIV. This book is as much an account of the relationship fallout and the aftermath of the diagnosis as it is an examination of misunderstandings between two men from vastly different backgrounds.’ — Elizabeth Wenger, Manhattan Book Review

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My Memory Told Me a Secret is a work of social issues-based fiction focusing on LGBTQ themes and was penned by author Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato. Written for adults due to its sometimes explicit language and some sexual references, this harrowing interpersonal drama begins when we meet Austin and Noah. The tumults and complexities of their relationship come to a head when Austin discovers he has contracted HIV, which in turn sets off a journey of emotional suffering, the breakdown of relationships, and a deep exploration of what it means to live with the condition and its effects on a person’s identity.

Author Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato does not shy away from the raw and powerfully emotive truths about living with a devastating condition like HIV. His narration allows you into the minds of the two main protagonists, particularly Austin during his discovery and the fallout from the revelation. It’s interesting to see the impact which society and judgments around the two men have on both their relationship and their personal feelings about each other, and this aspect is masterfully woven into action and dialogue rather than being thrown at you and disrupting the reading experience. Attention to detail is also key, painting beautiful word pictures that often juxtapose the harrowing emotional moments which are happening, and give all those little touches which make a story seem truly real. Overall, My Memory Told Me a Secret is a highly recommended read for fans of deep personal dramas and social commentary in fiction.


An astounding work of contemporary fiction, My Memory Told Me a Secret focuses on issues core to LGBTQ identity, but also issues that affect every reader. Austin and Noah’s relationship is a heartfelt and sometimes harrowing account that will be relatable to anyone in a relationship, as each character and each moment is so well-drawn. Far from being a mere issue-laden novel, it touches on universal issues such as the devastation of illness, broken friendships, and how people tend to show or lose their humanity in times of crisis, written with great empathy and keen observation.

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