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Mike Carlozzi
Two hundred years after a cyclone of asteroids pummels Earth, survivors live on a rebuilding planet led by the mighty Reeves Corporation and Planetary Governing Union (PGU). The Kupita virus still lives within the fragmented asteroids that lay across the planet, killing or transforming its victims into mystical sages. \tThe Reeves Corporation holds an economic monopoly on Ojult, where it transports mystics, criminals, and those unlucky enough to find themselves under the boot of the PGU. Choosing the lesser of evils, Jayden Vaut falls into servitude with the Nein, a dark mystic guild responsible for millions of nonmystic deaths. After saving the Nein leader’s sister and niece from a political assassination, Jayden finds favor under the powerful Syrus Tokarek. \tJayden’s virtuous character clashes with the Nein’s malicious ways until he commits the ultimate crime and finds himself banished from the protective reach of Syrus. On the run from Nein trackers, Jayden encounters another profound threat that will surely end his tortured life. \tOn Earth, Chief Executive Officer Elasus Reeves grows weary of new reports explicating declining revenues on Ojult. The clandestine Celje inquisitors there, charged with regulating mystic activity, have grown rebellious and unresponsive. A frenzied war between the Nein and the Celje soak Ojult’s soil with the blood of warriors and the innocent. \tCorrupt alliances among friends and enemies will determine the fate of all, but who will ultimately win?