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Mythera Chronicles: The Lost Athenaeum
K.C. Auburn, author
When a timorous thief has a vision of a dark entity swallowing her estranged brother, Caden, she must venture to find stability in her powers to save her only remaining family. Aylith is the Eruanna, protector of the realm, but her past leaves her haunted and unwilling to use her gifts. With her only tether to this world threatened, she will reluctantly follow the guidance of a mysterious woman, Lusha, to the lost Athenaeum in search of answers. Yet Lusha is not all that she claims to be. Her calm exterior shrouds the Order’s will that she intends to carry out, a secret society that puppets the lands. Lusha needs to gain Aylith’s trust in order to fulfill her duties. With Aylith’s growing strength, she may soon be able to cleave the world of the encroaching darkness. Caden discovers his ties to his lost family and leaves home in secret. With the telling’s of strange dreams, he journeys to the Athenaeum in search of his blood sister. He and his closest friend, Bradyn, find themselves endangered in the wilds and unprepared. With the help of a dark rogue, the boys will blossom in confidence and grow into the men they believe themselves to be.