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NAIMERA: Absence of Grace
AGENT MIKE MURPHY is leaving the FBI to join SGSI, a top-secret defense tech company, contracted to the US government. When Mike’s new boss - Peter Strauss - learns that his daughter, Grace, has been kidnapped in Guatemala, he turns to Mike for help. While Mike’s connections track Grace’s kidnappers, Strauss shows Mike that he and SGSI possess their own special resources… resources beyond anything Mike could ever have possibly imagined. He introduces Mike to the NAIMERA: advanced, mission-adaptable bio-engineered drones. When Mike learns that these incredible creatures can also talk, his entire world is upended. Learning that Grace has been moved out of Guatemala - and is to be killed once the ransom arrives - they must all move quickly to rescue her from the heavily fortified military compound where she is now being held. With time running out, Mike also calls on some old war buddies. Together, they team up with the NAIMERA to try and save Grace. NAIMERA: ABSENCE OF GRACE is the first book in a stunning new sci-fi thriller series by Michael Ganzberger.