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Jane Smith
Naked Butt Busts Out!
Jane Smith, author

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Laugh-Out-Loud Children’s Book About Being True to Yourself

Cheeky bunny Naked Butt just wants to be himself, but when being yourself literally means baring it all, Naked Butt finds everyone wants him to cover up his tail again. Especially his momma! So Naked Butt tries his best to keep his true self tucked under shirts and shorts. But when Naked Butt’s clothes start feeling itchier and scratchier and tighter and tighter, he can’t keep himself covered up anymore—Naked Butt BUSTS out!

To everyone’s surprise, Naked Butt’s hilarious city streak shows momma that standing out in the crowd isn’t just a good thing, it’s a lifesaver, and that being yourself can inspire others to uncover a whole new view of the world, too. With big laughs and lots of heart, children’s picture book, Naked Butt Busts Out! celebrates the importance of being yourself and the rewards of baring it all.

Smith (Miss Meow) entertains with this unapologetically silly picture book for young children, following a comical bunny, Naked Butt, as he learns the value of being unique. Befitting his name, Naked Butt doesn’t care much for clothes, frequently discarding his outfits in favor of the freedom that comes with “the cool breeze in his fur [and] the sunshine on his tail.” Not surprisingly, when his antics carry over to preschool, t-ball practice, and even the grocery store, his mother and the other adults in his life urge him to stay dressed: “Bunnies expect other bunnies to keep their tails covered,” his mother patiently explains.

In true showstopping form, Naked Butt will not be deterred, and the next time his clothes itch and scratch, he quickly finds himself sprinting bare-bottomed through a bustling city square—where his mother promptly loses sight of him in the crowd. Ultimately, she’s able to find him thanks to his furry white backside standing out in a sea of fully clothed rabbits, and, to his surprise, gives up trying to dress him. “I never would have found you if you’d had your clothes on! Thank goodness for naked butts!” she declares. This au naturel celebration may prove confusing to younger readers given the potential for safety concerns to spring up in real life, but thankfully, Smith’s animals quickly point out that “Bunnies don’t need clothes! We’re furry!”

Smith’s colorful, playful illustrations are sure to elicit giggles from most children, particularly when Naked Butt pulls his shirt over his ears in the grocery store’s produce section, and his emotions—ranging from happiness to frustration—are cleverly portrayed, emphasizing his ease when not conforming to others’ standards. Smith also smartly depicts the concern of bystanders over Naked Butt’s unusual hobby, which will spark valuable discussions alongside the book’s central message of accepting, and celebrating, everyone’s quirks.

Takeaway: A young bunny shares a one-of-a-kind way to express himself.

Great for fans of: David McKee’s Elmer; Munro Leaf’s The Story of Ferdinand.

Production grades
Cover: B+
Design and typography: A-
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A