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Al Bianco
Naples Secrets in the Sun: As Uncovered by an Inquisitive Uber Driver
Al Bianco, author
Welcome to Naples (Florida, that is) Your entertaining guide to this sun-drenched city is Al Bianco, a dapper retired attorney turned Uber driver. Beside living in one of the richest communities on planet Earth, Naples' residents are good looking, smart, sophisticated, athetic, and down to earth. And they have great stories to tell. On your whirlwind tour of the city, you will discover the highlights, history, many clandestine secrets, and puzzling questions like these: Where was Naples’ last nudist colony? What is the city's best, but Godawfully expensive, restaurant? How about the most popular local hangout? How much alcohol did the Tamiami Trail dredgers need to complete their work? What the heck does Immokalee mean? Did Marco Polo really discover Marco Island? Which celebrity “gets down at night” in Naples? These answers, and more, are all contained in Naples Secrets in The Sun!