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Andrea Kriksic
Nemesis Blackslayer

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Saga inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and dark fantasy horror adventure books. Story follows the adventures of the main character; Nemesis, on forced run from own vampire kind, seeking a way to return home and take her rightful place among them. Only way to do so is to grow powerful enough to earn respect, leading the overall story into darker spaces of storytelling and events. She is a vampire, general moral forms we are used to in literature when talking of humans do not apply. Whole series doesn't stray from serious and darker themes thus its general audience is from 18 up. What I wanted to do with this series is to literally bring back vampires back into the golden age when they represented fear. While I am glad they survive in literature still I believe new books and media began to portray vampires as too soft, romantic and kind. With this series I hope to take it a few steps back.
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