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Net-Reapers: Cyber Larceny 2

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Synopsis (Summary) Nine months after United Kingdom cyber heist in February, cyber larceny goons amp up their hacking dexterity with heavy cash-out. London based digital forensics expert James Robert Nushi, is directed by the Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ to move to Modesto, California for a briefing with the National Security Agency, NSA and Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI to discuss ongoing investigation on how there has been an increase in ecommerce traffic online transactions relating to laundered funds stolen during the UK cyber heist. The cyber larceny investigation gets more intriguing as Nushi jets across the Atlantic to Modesto, Stanislaus county California USA. This order follows a tip off by Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging service of the probability that the UK cyber heist seems to be the tip of a fiscal iceberg with impeding global ramifications. This state of proactive alertness would guarantee reliable and secured financial transactions and minimize disruptions. Based on Nushi’s exploit in Lagos as recommended by the GCHQ, the NSA paired Nushi with Larry Dwight, a purple hat hacker to investigate the 300 million pounds siphoned into North America ecommerce networks from the UK cyber heist. In the United States, the fallout of the massive cyber attack that fleeced the United Kingdom’s ecommerce internet networks of about 800 million pound months ago begins to rattle the home front. Multifaceted unfolding events straddle the boundaries between fact and fiction as various continents begin to see ripples of the massive global cyber fraud manifest. Then, Nushi and Dwight focus on darkweb, a one-stop-shop for virtually everything sellable and buyable that runs on laissez-faire rules based on mutual trust of the unseen business partner. The discovery that Reapers website and its subsidiary Red Lions Marketplace, a cryptocurrency exchange platform on the Darkweb is being used by a previously unknown fringe group of illegal hackers with clusters on several continents had networked in the infamous cyber heist sent shivers down the spins of the top echelon of cyber security operatives globally. Find out how the Net-Reapers almost crippled the global ecommerce networked blockchains and the way cyber security agents unraveled the grand cyber larceny. A must read for cyber security experts and beginners!