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Neuri Shape-Shifter is the third book in the Mystic Mystery Stone Quest series. Twenty-five years after psychic tracker Luke Stone fought his nemesis the black magician Armand Jacobi in the heart of Death Valley, Armand is back. After a series of adolescent girls goes missing from Manhattan’s Lower East, Luke’s former stomping grounds, retired NYC detective Stan Banor reaches out to Luke for help. But the stakes suddenly go sky-high when Luke’s own daughter, Bridget Grace, a psychic even more powerful than her father, disappears leaving behind a cryptic note.  As Stan and Luke race against the clock to find the girls, all clues point to Armand Jacobi. Gregorian chants hum, Catholic Saints animate, and fairy lanterns glow as Luke Stone chases his nemesis from New Camen, NH to Alphabet City, NY to the Leelanau Peninsula of Northern Michigan in a battle to save his daughter's life.


This book in one word is FANTASTIC! In fact the whole "Stone Quest" series is great fun reading. You like mysteries? You like crime solving? Then you'll love this book and the series even more. Because this author doesn't stop there....every story is sprinkled and spiced with just the right amount of mysticism and the supernatural. Very special flavors carefully added to already compelling and intriguing stories. Stories and characters that are clearly written and easy to understand. Add a little extra to your reading diet. Read this book and the "Stone Quest" series, and you'll be looking forward to reading the other works by author Leigh Podgorski.