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Never Say I'm Sorry
Samer Touma, author
How do you live a life that is wholesome and fulfilling? What is the meaning of life? Is it truly worth living? Each day of life is a gift, yet when you are filled with regret it is hard to see the positive. But it does not have to weigh you down. It can be the springboard to finding something better. When you are able to learn from your regret, you can use that discovery as a powerful tool to build the foundation of a good life. You begin to develop character, integrity, and a real desire for the truth. Recognizing that you have the choice creates a whole different view on life. How does one live a good life? The answer is found within these pages. It's never too late to make good choices, to build character, and live a rich life without regret.
Editor's Note

Dr. Touma’s book Never Say I’m Sorry: How to Avoid Regret contains views and advice the author has gleaned from his years of work as a psychologist and his experience as a human. Dr. Touma shares these views to let others know of the path he has found to a satisfied and fulfilling life, and some of the things that will help others succeed in taking this path.

The author writes in a clear and direct manner, which makes his views and suggestions very accessible to the reader. While the actions that the author suggests can be difficult to enact, it is easy to understand what those actions look like, and Dr. Touma makes it clear that the value is in the attempt, and that one has many opportunities to practice respect, honor, grace, gratitude, and forgiveness. Every reader can benefit a great deal by reading this book.

It was a pleasure to review this manuscript, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to absorb the author’s message in the process.