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Kathleen Morris
Never Touch Down

This is a crime story. Full of dangerous dealings, untrustworthy people, smugglers and drugs. No, wait. It’s a story about aviation, Hollywood, Mexico, the turbulent 1970s, filled with the animosity of anti-war protests and buffered by the music of Fleetwood Mac and Buffalo Springfield . 

Strike that, well, amend it. While all that is true, this is a story about families, friendships, loyalties and love, the stuff that matters, both in the beginning and in the end. 

Cole Hooper is a struggling movie stunt pilot and actor, fresh from a stint in the Army that luckily landed him in Europe training the Belgique army in hand-to-hand combat, rather than Vietnam. Still, his first love has always been flying, and when an old friend shows up with an opportunity to not only fly but make a lot of money, he takes it. 

The McConnell family - Matt, his wife Kate and brother Finn, all attend Arizona State University. An aeronautics student, restless Finn is always looking for opportunity as well. Their worlds become entwined together, and when tragedy strikes, the web that connects them all weaves a new fate none could have foreseen.