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Joy-An Tucker
New Earth, Bringing It Home

From bedbugs to bliss––Using lively stories, Joy-An Tucker takes the reader on an inner and outer journey that is simultaneously practical, mystical, and often humorous as she upgrades her ordinary home into a Temple of New Earth. Taking home decorating to a bold new level, she inspires the reader to create heaven on earth in their own sacred space right here, right now.

Living up to its subtitle, Tucker’s transformational New Earth, Bringing it Home invites readers to create their own “Temple of New Earth”—“a sacred space of love” in which one can “bring your core passion and joy into relationship with all things”—within their own homes. Despite the heady concepts, Tucker’s guidance is refreshingly clear, laying out the steps for a journey of introspection and vision-realization in prose that will appeal both to seasoned spiritual searchers and readers new to recognizing “the power of Creator’s light within you.” Tucker’s warm tone and personal anecdotes, encouraging explanations of topics like “intention” and sacred geometry, and her linking of the spiritual to home decor “that which makes your heart sing” all result in a calming, engaging read that persuasively conveys a larger message of love, unity, and balance.

The use of physical spaces, materials, sound, and vibrations form the core of the process of creating individual Temples of New Earth, joyful spaces where one can connect to the vibrations of Mother Earth or Gaia—a conscious being, Tucker writes, eager for us to ascend with her. Tucker emphasizes attunement to pink, white, and violet rays, and their affiliate archangels, through crystals, flowers, and step-by-step meditative practice. For readers new to or skeptical of such connections, these goals might come off as vague or utopian, but with the passing of every chapter, Tucker introduces small, achievable tasks that can inculcate a sense of connection and achievement.

Creating an entirely new universe in a small space like your living room can seem like a mammoth experiment, but as Tucker writes, “The difference between just decorating your home and creating a temple or sanctuary of New Earth is intention.” What makes this guide stand out from the pack is its emphasis on practical steps (breathing exercises and meditation prompts, bringing nature indoors, balancing colors, making one’s bathroom beautiful) that, before ascension, will certainly increase one’s peace of mind.

Takeaway: This encouraging guide to spiritual connection lays out how to create a Temple of the Earth within one’s own home.

Great for fans of: Jill M. Angelo’s Sacred Space, Donna Henes’s Bless This House.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A-
Illustrations: B
Editing: B+
Marketing copy: A-